Tuesday, October 26, 2010

#prayforindonesia - 2nd WORLDWIDE trending topic

Neither to brag nor to show off. Just now, i checked my twitter account and found out that #2 trending topic was #prayforindonesia

#2 trending topic!
I am not a nationalist or whatsoever, but i do care for this country, and my heart is for Indonesia. I'm nobody but when the "nobody"s unite their hearts and pray together, i'm sure that miracles do happen. Miracles don't always mean as something good, but they can also be (and i'm sure that they are) the best. Yes, the best for this country...

Once again, i'm reminded by a verse in the Bible. I don't recall all the words, but what it said that when the people turn their hearts to God, He will heal the land. It was God's promise to Solomon when the building of God's temple was finished, and i know that it's also God's promise for Indonesia. I'm so sure that God's heart is for Indonesia, too.

I am the people. You are the people.
The question is do you have heart for this country? Do your heart belong to Indonesia?

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