Tuesday, October 5, 2010

...hello world

...well, i used to be a constant blogger, but i'm wrecked now - dunno how to write well, LOL. But it's been (almost, or maybe more than) a year since i felt the urge to blog again. Many people say that i'm an extrovert person - yes, they're right - but sometimes, i feel like being introvert to all, including now.

It's been years since i last do some blogging stuff, five years to be exact, and i'm sure i've changed so much since then. I wasn't the same one my friends knew, excluding the "jayus" (dunno the English term for that) part, oh yes, the narcism part as well. But i'm not as easy going as before, not as enthusiastic, and so on.

So, why do i want to blog now? I myself can't explain it. I just want to write something that the world (am i exaggerating?) can read. And here i am...

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  1. keep on writing no matter how simple, how small it is.