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Pray for The Nation, Pray for Indonesia

A (really) old post, taken from my fs blog :) [see, fs - not fb], but it's my heart shout till now...

August 10, 2008

a week to go. yes. a week to go, and my (well, if you’re an Indonesian, that becomes “our”) nation will celebrate her 63th anniversary. a long time. yes. and i know, as we all know, Indonesia has gone through many things. Her glorious moments, and the worst ones. I remember the time when i got a long, long holiday because of the riot. I was both happy and scared then. I remember the bombs, and so on. But i do remember that wherever God puts me, He wants me to pray for the nation (Jeremiah 29:7)

“Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to
which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because
if it prospers, you too will prosper.” (NIV)

And seek (inquire for, require, and request) the peace and welfare of
the city to which I have caused you to be carried away captive; and
pray to the Lord for it, for in the welfare of [the city in which you live] you will
have welfare. (AMP)

And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried
away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof
shall ye have peace. (KJV)

Yes, i know that i MUST pray for my nation. Let me personalize this verse,

Also, seek the peace and prosperity of INDONESIA to
which GOD have carried HENNY into exile. Pray to the LORD for INDONESIA,
because if INDONESIA prospers, HENNY too will prosper

Are you an Indonesian? Let’s pray for her, because if Indonesia prospers, you too will prosper

Well, i’ve to say that i’m not a nationalist or whatever, but i do have hearts on this country. It’s God who put me here. If it’s according to me, i wanted to be in America, or Japan, or Australia… not in Indonesia. BUT i know that He should have good reason why i’m here now. and i know, i’m part of those who pray for this country. Lately, i’ve been singing songs about praying for the nation, about how God have plan for this country, how i should take part to stand up for this country. Just tell the title “Ku Kan Bangkit”, “Indonesia Penuh Kemuliaan-Mu”, “Tebarkan Jala”, “Kupunya Visi”, “Tuhan Pulihkan”, and so on. But i have one song that touches me a lot. Even when i first heard it last year. And i promised myself, that if i get WL schedule on August, i will sing it (yes, i did). The song is titled “Pray for the Nation”, sung by True Worshippers on their album “All Things New”. Below are the lyrics :
I pray for the people
I pray for the nation
For us to bow before You
And humble ourselves and pray

You hear our prayer from Heaven.
You heal our land today
You turn our hearts
From all the wicked ways

I kneel right now before You
I lift my hands towards the heavens
I pray yes i pray for the mercy and grace over us

You’re seated on the highest throne
You’re lifted up above all things
Exalted and adored.
I worship you in awe.
Be glorified and magnified

There’s now no more condemnation.
Over this land no more.
There’s now no more no more curses
Over our lives over our family over our church

We humble our selves and pray
( You hear our prayer from heaven )
We turn from our wicked ways
( You heal our land today )

Yes, i pray for Your mercy and grace over Indonesia.

My another reason to pray for Indonesia is this song. This beloved song of Indonesia :)
Indonesia Raya

Verse I (Official)
Indonesia, tanah airku, tanah tumpah darahku.
Di sanalah aku berdiri, jadi pandu ibuku.
Indonesia, kebangsaanku, bangsa dan tanah airku.
Marilah kita berseru, “Indonesia bersatu!”
Hiduplah tanahku, hiduplah neg’riku,
Bangsaku, rakyatku, semuanya.
Bangunlah jiwanya, bangunlah badannya
Untuk Indonesia Raya!

Indonesia Raya, merdeka, merdeka
Tanahku, neg’riku yang kucinta.
Indonesia Raya, merdeka, merdeka
Hiduplah Indonesia Raya! (*2)

Verse II
Indonesia tanah yang mulia, tanah kita yang kaya.
Disanalah aku berada untuk s’lama-lamanya.
Indonesia tanah pusaka, P’saka kita semuanya.
Marilah kita mendoa, “Indonesia bahagia!”
Suburlah tanahnya, suburlah jiwanya,
Bangsanya, rakyatnya, semuanya.
Sadarlah hatinya, Sadarlah budinya
Untuk Indonesia Raya!


Verse III
Indonesia, tanah yang suci, tanah kita yang sakti.
Di sanalah aku berdiri, Jaga ibu sejati.
Indonesia, tanah berseri, tanah yang aku sayangi.
Marilah kita berjanji, “Indonesia abadi!”
S’lamatlah Rakyatnya, S’lamatlah putranya,
Pulaunya, lautnya, semuanya.
Majulah negrinya, majulah pandunya
Untuk Indonesia Raya!


Well, W.R. Supratman, the original writer of this song mentioned it far before the independence of this country. And as what this song says, as what God ask us to do, lets pray for Indonesia :)

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