Friday, November 26, 2010


It's been a while since my last long post. It's not that i had no willing to write type, but i didn't know what to write. I'm very busy lately, thanks to those final-year-project stuffs and other church-related stuffs i couldn't avoid, and the main reason i decided to post now is the d*** IBT (Internet Based Test) TOEFL i HAVE TO take tomorrow.

Yes, i feel like being forced to take it. Cross it, because i AM really forced to take it. I'm not a big fan of taking any English proficiency test, or any other skill-o-meter tests. I remembered the UMBI test (i don't even recall what it stands for) my English-course teacher asked me to take, and i refused. The first reason was that i didn't want to (i was around 12 or 14 then), and it wasn't something you would need, according to me. I once thought about taking Toefl test, but after knowing the price, i then decided not to (plus the fact that i wouldn't need it if i didn't plan to study abroad, LOL). I also once took an IELTS (dunno whether it's real or just a simulation) at school and i got around 6.5 out of 9.0 (i didn't concentrate well actually, haha). And why am i taking that IBT Test tomorrow? (and it costs you $165, for God's sake -,-)

solely because of that reason

Yes, my what-so-called-global campus requires every student to take this test or else they will not graduate. Arrgh! When i first knew this, i cursed that campus, LOL. And what's my preparation? Well, i took a what-so-called-IBT-Preparation class last semester (a must-to-take class, of course) and until tonight, what i've done were : watching more and more Glee, Hellcats, Tower Prep, Hannah Montana, and other TV series episodes; listening to their soundtracks, re-reading Harry Potter 7, reading articles on Yahoo, ... or in short, doing what i usually do. I must say that this unlimited internet service plugged in my house is a great thing to have (thanks to my bro), and it's helped expanding my English vocabulary and my listening skill. I used to need those subtitles a lot, but i (somehow) dislike them now, excluding the good English one (fyi, that 6.5 points of IELTS i got was before i had this unlimited internet service).

Do i feel like nervous right now? YES! So much!
Lots of my friends say that i don't need to worry since i am an English-course teacher, but still, after hearing that my friend didn't succeed to get the minimum-40-out-of-120 score, i was wrecked. But still, i couldn't prepare much since the more i prepare, i get more nervous. I just hope that my English-teaching experience can help me in my test tomorrow (and that's why i spoke much in English in today's class - something that i usually don't since my students are often confused). God help me...

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